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  Slaying of living being entails predisposition towards dissension and acrimony, the worst form  of  human  conduct.  Jaina  prohibition  of  the  destruction of  animal  life has far reaching consequence. That flesh eating habit engenders irascibility, irritation  and  uncommon excitement  is  now  accepted by the western intelligentsia.  Thus,  an  acute observer frankly confesses that excessive intake of animal food is  the  cause of  aggressiveness    and   ill   temper.  
  Hence   to   interdict   flesh   eating   habit   as   the  physiological basic of  ill  will  and unrighteous conduct would be just and in keeping  with   harmonious  benevolent   living. Non- injury  beings  is quite  natural  to  hearts  attuned with spiritual meditation; it is a  progressive  step  and  an  incentive  towards eternal life. So far as the monk is concerned the entire make and entity  of  him  should be morally pure and  internally  disciplined  without  being  mechanically  a  functional constituent.  Jaina  code   of   morality   ensures   this  amicable  relation  by  enjoining
austerity in deed as  well as in  spirit. The  appropriate  preparation  for  it  commences  from the start when monks are disallowed to posses anything beyond bare necessities  of life, instead to cultivate love of wisdom.
   Indian heart by its very nature and tradition ordinarily is tender and pliable, calm and sodden. If sincerity  and fervor are added to   it, a   genuine   desire   for   transcending  material indulgence which is the source of sorrow and suffering is generated. The more homely and harmonious, sympathetically serene  a man becomes the more his  body  is likely to  transform into a citadel of  beatitude and bliss. Jaina  approach is  mystic  and humane. Mystic in the sense that it calls for renunciation and through it freedom purity and joy Humane, as there is nothing of mortifying struggle for emancipation  obtaining in other systems of practical philosophy. 
  Evidently,  rules of  ascetic  ideal  have  been enjoined in such an agreeable manner as to eliminate all traces of insipidity and languor, and vitalize with comely  materials  and means free from affectation. Ascetic practices in Jainism are more refined and humane that several renowned mystics of the west, say of Suso, who by imitating the sufferings of Christ would undergo self-willed ghastly physical torture.



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