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 Digambar Jain Acharya 108 Sri Vardhaman Sagarji a learned Jain Acharya  has always been a source of inspiration for the Jain scholars for guidance,  for the construction, development and renovation of Jain temples and  Images all over India. Acharya Sri always inspired to invite scholars of eminence to have discourses on different subjects.  Acharya Sri always stressed the need for scholars and researchers to sink their differences and come together to espouse values that embody the path to salvation shown to humanity by Theerthankaras and Shruthakevalis, Jain thinkers. 

   Acharya Vardhman Sagarji

  At the "Acharya Vandana" session, in which 77 Jain munis and mathajis and 200 scholars from different part of the country participated at the five-day all-India conference of Jain scholars and researchers organised by the Mahamastakabhisheka Committee to mark the Mahamastakabhisheka celebrations, he said the life of Bahubali is based on the values of sacrifice, non-violence and humility. Pointing out that differences of opinion and different points of view on the same issues are but common, he said the strength of a healthy deliberation is in using these differences into a consensual search for truth. He said man should introspect on his strengths and fallibilities and be in tune with mind and matter.  
  On February 2006, leading members of the Digambar Jain community in the country, led by Acharya Vardhamana Sagar Munimaharaj made a passionate plea to the Centre to accord Digambar Jains the status of religious minorities. Addressing the two-day 'Shravaka Sammelan' (general assembly), he said it was difficult today to find people from the Digambar Jain community either in the civil service or any other wing of administration and attributed this to the climate of reservation in the country. 'Meritorious Jain students are finding it impossible to secure positions in civil service and this is because of the failure of the Government to secure Digambar Jains the status of religious minorities. This should be done without brooking further delay and the entire community must make a concerted effort at securing this legitimate status."


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