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Digambar Jain Acharya Pujyapada


Digambar Jain Acharya Pujyapada

  The great Acharya Pujyapada is also called Devanadi. He was a very eminent scholar of Jaina Philosophy, Logic, Medicine and Literature. Pujyaopada ( one whose feet is adorable) appears to have been a mere title, which is acquired because forest deities worshipped his feet.

  He is also called Jinendra Buddhi on account of his great learning. His most famous works 'Jinendra-Vyakarna or Grammar of Jinendra - buddhi' is  well known.  Pancavasutka, the best commentary on Jinendra is also supposed to be the work of  Pujyapada.

  Panini Sabdavarta is another Grammatical work traditionally considered to be a commentary on Panini grammar by Pujyapada. Vopadeva counts it among the 8 authorities on the Sanskrit grammar. He also wrote Kalyanakarka a treatise on medicine, long continued to be authority on the the subject. The treatment it prescribes is entirely, vegetarian and non-alcoholic. Pujyapada was also a great doctor of medicine.  He was not only an highly learned thinker but was also a great saint, whose scared feet, celestial beings worshiped with great devotion. 

  Pujyapada's Sarvatha Siddhi is an elaborate commentary on the Tathvatha Sutra of Umaswami. This famous work is a compendium of all aspects of Jaina Religion and Philosophy.




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