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Goddess Saraswati                                     


   Goddess Saraswati 
    Jain Saraswti      
                                       Jain Saraswati in Abu Jain Temple 
  Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, is considered to be the source of all the learning. This divine energy is the source of spiritual light, remover of all ignorance and promoter of all knowledge. She is respected and adored by all the faiths, worldly persons and saints. She has four arms, one holding a book, the other a rosary and two hands holding a musical instrument Veenš. Her seat is a lotus and the peacock is her vehicle representing equanimity in prosperity. In some places it is mentioned that the swan is her vehicle. 
  The ancient Jain text like Jain Sutras. Bhagawati- Sutra, Mahanistha- Sutra, and Sansare-Daranala etc  text   mentioned about her form and different attributes. As per as the textual reference Saraswati is popularly depicted; in standing posture. Though her four armed form is very popular but her two armed, six armed. eight armed and sixteen armed forms are also found. She is always white complexioned. Varada (boon), Kamal (lotus), Pustaka (books), and Mala (rosary) are her usual ayudhas but vina has also been used in some cases,  probably in imitation of Hindu Saraswati. Her vahana is hamsa but in some exceptional cases it is ; replaced by mayura generally in the Digambara tradition. The literally reference are also supported by archaeological evidences. Mathura is the place from where the earliest of Jain Saraswati was discovered. The site has yielded three significant Sarasvati sculptures including the oldest known one.
  The  earliest extant image of Sarasvati, dated 132 C.E. also belongs to Jaina  tradition  is now  housed  in the State museum of Lucknow, U.P. This image of Saraswati was created for a temple of the Jains, a faith that originated in the fifth century B.C. The great jain saint Yashovijayji sought the blessing of Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati to formulate and construct Jain scriptures, which he mentioned in the second stanza of Jambuswami Raas.


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