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Shri Acharya Mantunga                              Page 2    Verse (9-16)   

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आस्तां तव स्तवनमस्त-समस्त-दोषं
त्वत्सड्कतथाऽपि जगतां दुरितानि हन्ति|
दूरे सहस्र किरणः कुरुते प्रभैव
पध्माकरेषु जलजानि विकासभाज्जि||9||

नात्यद् भुतं भुवन-भूषण भूत-नाथ!
भूतैर्गुणैर्भुवि भवन्तमभिष्टुवन्तः|
तुल्या भवन्ति भवतो ननु तेन किं वा
भूत्याश्रितं य इह नात्मसमं करोति||10||

द्रष्ट् वा भवन्तमनिमेष-विलोकनीयं
नान्यत्र तोषमुपयाति जनस्य चक्षुः|
पीत्वा पयः शशिकर-द्युति-दुग्ध-सिन्धोः
क्षारं जलं जल-निधे रसितुं कः इच्छेत् ||11||

यैः शान्त-राग-रुचिभिः परमाणुभिस्त्व्
तावन्त एव खलु तेऽप्यणवः पृथिव्यां
यत्ते समानमपरं न हि रुपमस्ति|12|

वक्त्रं क्व ते सुर-नरोरग-नेत्र-हारि
बिम्बं कलंक-मलिनं क्व निशाकरस्य
यद्वासरे भवति पाण्डु-पलाशकल्पम्|13|

शुभ्रा गुणास्त्रिभुवनं तव लगंघयन्ति|
ये संश्रितास्त्रिजगदीश्वर-नाथमेकं
कस्तान्निवारयति संचरतो यथेष्टम्|14|

चित्रं किमत्र यदि ते त्रिदशागंगनाभि-
र्नीतं मनागपि मनो न विकार-मार्गम्|
कल्पान्त-काल-मरुता चलिताचलेन
किं मन्दराद्रि-शिखरं चलितं कदाचित्|15|

क्रत्स्नं जगत्त्रयमिदं प्रकटी-करोषि|
गम्यो न जातु मरुतां चलिताचलानां
दीपोऽपरस्त्वमसि नाथ जगत्प्रकाशः|16|

9. The brilliant sun is far away; still, at dawn its soft glow makes the drooping lotus buds bloom. Similarly, O Jina! Let alone the immeasurable powers of your eulogy, mere utterance of your name with devotion destroys the sins of Beings and purifies them.
10. O embelishmence of the world! It is not surprising that he, who is engrossed in praise of your infinite values of virtues attains your exalted positions. In fact, what is the use of serving such a master who does not allow his dependents to prosper to an exalted position like his? It should not be surprising if a benevolent master makes his subject his equal.
11. O Jina! your divine magnificence is spell-binding. After looking at your divinity form nothing else pleases the eyes obviously, who would like to taste the saline seawater after drinking fresh water of the divine milk-ocean, pure and soothing like moonlight?
12. O the sole embellishment of the three realms! It appears as if the quiescence and harmony imparting ultimate particles became extinct after constituting your body, because I do not witness such out of the world manificence other than yours.
 13. Analogy of your face with the moon does not appear proper to me. How can your scintillating face, that pleases the eyes of gods, angels, human and other beings alike, be compared with the spotted moon that is as dull and pale, during the day, as the autumn leaves? Indeed, even the best available analogy for your face is lowly in comparison. 
14. O lord of the three realms! Surpassing the glow of the full moon, your infinite virtues are radiating throughout he universe even beyond the three realms; the hymns in praise of your virtues can be heard everywhere throughout universe. Indeed, who can curb the freedom of movement of devotees of the only omnipotent like you? (Certainly no one is capable of).
15. O passionless! Divine nymphs have tried their best to allure you through livid gestures, but it is not surprising that your tranquility has not been disturbed even fractionally of course, the tremendous gale the doomsday, that moves common hillocks, can not disturb even the tip of the great Sumeru mountain. 
16. O lord! You are an all enlightening divine lamp that needs neither a wick nor oil, and is smokeless, yet enlightens three realms. Even the storm that moves the immovable does not effect it.                    

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