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Shri Acharya Mantunga                    Page 6  Verse (41-48)

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रक्तेक्षणं समद-कोकिल-कण्ठ-नीलं
क्रोधोद्धतं फणिनमुत्फणमापतन्तम्|
आक्रामति क्रम-युगेण निरस्त-शखं-
स्त्वन्नाम-नाग-दमनी ह्रदि यस्य पुंसः|41|

माजौ बलं बलवतामपि भूपतीनाम्|
त्वत्कीर्तनात्तम इवाशु भिदामुपैति|42|

वेगावतार - तरणातुर - योध - भीमे|
युद्धे जयं विजित-दुर्जय-जेय-पक्षास्-
त्वत्पाद-पंकज-वनाश्रयिणो लभन्ते |43|

त्रासं विहाय भवतः स्मरणाद् व्रजन्ति |44|

उद् भूत-भीषण-जलोदर-भार-भुग्नाः
शोच्यां दशामुपगताश्च्युत-जीविताशाः|
मर्त्या भवन्ति मकरध्वज-तुल्यरुपाः|45|

गाढं बृहन्निगड-कोटि-निधृष्ट-जंगघाः|
त्वन्नाम-मन्त्रमनिशं मनुजाः स्मरन्तः
सद्यः स्वयं विगत-बन्ध-भया भवन्ति|46|

संग्राम वारिधि-मनोदर-बन्धनोत्थम्|
तस्याशु नाशमुपयाति भयं भियेव
यस्तावकं स्तवमिमं मतिमानधीते|47|

स्तोत्रस्रजं तव जिनेन्द्र गुणैर्निबद्धां
भक्त्या मया रुचिर-वर्ण-विचित्र-पुष्पाम्|
धत्ते जनो य इह कण्ठ-गतामजस्रं
तं 'मानतुंगमवशा' समुपैति लक्ष्मीः|48|

इति श्री मानत्तुंगाचार्य विरचित आदिनाथ स्तोत्रं समाप्तम्|

 41. O Benevolent! A devotee who has absorbed the anti-toxin of your pious name crosses fearlessly over an extremely venomous and hissing serpent that has blood shot eyes, pitch black body, obnoxious appearance and raised hood.
42. O Conqueror of Vices! As darkness recedes with the rising of the sun, the armies of formidable kings, creating tumultuous uproar of whinnying horses and trumpeting elephant, retreat when your pious name is chanted.
43. O Vanquisher of the passions! In the fierce battle where brace warriors are enger to plod over the streams of blood gushing out of the bodies of elephant pierced by sharp spears, the devotee having sought protection of the garden of your lotus feet embraces victory ultimately.
44. O Equanaimous! Aboard a ship caught at the crest of giant waves and surrounded by attacking alligators, giant oceanic creatures and marine fire surmount such horrors and cross the ocean, the devotees with the help of your name chants.
45. O Omniscient! An extremely sick person, disfigured due to advanced dropsy and having lost all hopes of recovery, when rubs the nectar-like dust particles taken from your lotus feet, fully recovers and becomes handsome as Adonis. 
46. O Liberated soul! Person put in prison, tied from head to toe in heavy chains, whose thighs have been bruised by the rough edges of the chain-links get unshackled and freed from bondage by chanting your name.
47. O Jina! The wise who recites this panegyric with devotion is always free of fears of mad elephant, ferocious lions, forest fire, poisonous snakes, tempestuous sea, fatal diseases and bondage. In fact, fear itself is afraid of him.
48. O Jina! With devotion I have made up this garland of your virtues. I have decorated it with charming and multicoloured flowers. The devotee who always wears it in the neck attracts the goddess of success.
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