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Jaipur, August 24, 2007: An Udaipur court has ruled that bal deeksha (child sainthood) does not construe as a crime in Jain religion and dismissed the petition filed by two advocates in this regard.
  In his ruling, chief Judicial magistrate (CJM), Brijendra Kumar Jain said that if parents send their children to Jain acharyas then it does not come under the category of orphans.
  A petition was recently filed in the Udaipur court by advocates Hukam Raj Singh and Kanyia Lal. The petitioners  accuse the parants of four children of village Semad in the Udaipur district of leaving them (children) for deeksha to Jain acharayas on May 2, 2007. They pleaded that it was a crime in the eyes of law.
  The Judge said, it is not a crime if the children are left for deeksha by their parents which is fully permissible in Janism. Every citizen of India is free to adopt any religion of his or her choice, he added. 
  The Judge said that to leave the children for deeksha has been prevalent since ages, which should not be be compared with the category of orphans.
  He added that it has got no relevance with the age of a person who attains it, the judge ruled.  The judge made abundantly it clear that it was the moral and legal responsibilities of the petitioners, who were also advocates, to study the Jain religion prior to filing the case in the court.
  The judge said, "The accused made in this  case by the advocates are free to proceed legality against them." 
 Source: Hindustan Times


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