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  Government granted minority status to Jain community

  NEW DELHI, January 20, 2014: Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, the government  granted minority status on the Jains which will ensure the community of 50 lakh certain benefits in government schemes and programmes.

The decision to grant minority status to the Jain community of about 50 lakhs was taken at the meeting of Union cabinet here, a day after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi takes up this issue with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.. 

At present, five religious groups -- Muslims , Christians , Sikhs , Buddhists and Parsis -- are notified as minorities.

Now  recognised as a minority, Jains would get a share in central funds earmarked for welfare programmes and scholarships for the minorities. They can also manage and administer their own educational institutions.

The community is already enjoying minority status in some states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Numerically, the Jain community is small, with a population of about 50 lakh but they are prosperous, mostly engaged in business.

Minority Affairs Minister K Rahman Khan said there have been a lot of representations from the community that they be treated as a minority and the government has decided to accept it.  Source: PTI

CM Nitish Kumar urged to declare Pawapuri a holy city 


  Biharsharif , December 21, 2013: Pawapuri Jain Temple Management Committee on Saturday urged chief minister Nitish Kumar who addressed a gathering of Jain pilgrims from Rajasthan, to declare Pawapuri, the place of nirvana of Lord Mahavira, as a holy city and ban sale and consumption of tobacco products, liquor and meat in the temple area on the pattern of Ayodhya and Amritsar. 

  The tour co-ordinator of 'Sammad Shikharjee Yatra' undertaken by 650  Jain pilgrims from Rajasthan, Parsanna Daga, an old acquaintance of CM Nitish Kumar, urged him to declare Pawapuri a holy city and demanded that the sale and consumption of tobacco products, meat and liquor be banned as it will promote non-violence, peace and brotherhood.

RMM Media Foundation secretary Pradeep Jain, in a letter to CM Nitish Kumar, has reminded him that during his 'Seva Yatra' he had said that Pawapuri would be declared a holy city and the sale and consumption of meat, tobacco and liquor will be banned in the temple area, but it was yet to be implemented.

Parsanna Daga thanked the CM for his initiative to give a facelift to the temple area at Pawapuri and said lotus flowers had started to bloom again in the pond around the Jal Mandir which was cleaned and renovated at the personal initiative of the CM when he visited Pawapuri as part of 'Seva Yatra' last year. Source: Times of India

  Panchkalyanak Mahotsava was inaugurated at Shanti Nirmal Darshan Giri Tirtha

Ujjain, December 14, 2013: The week- long Panchkalyanak Mahotsava was inaugurated at under construction Shanti Nirmal Darshan Giri Tirtha, Digambar Jain temple, near village Tajpur on Maksi Road under the aegis of Jain Seer Darshan Sagar, here on Thursday. Religious flag was hoisted with the inauguration of Panchkalyanak Mahotsava. 
  According to media incharge Sachin Kasliwal, Ved Shuddhi ritual was performed by 81 Kalash ( urns). President Ashok Jain ‘ Chaiwala’ hoisted the religious flag. Indra Premchand Dagariya established the Nidhi Kalash. Main Urn was presided by Vijay Patodi. Kilash Jain presided the lords and offered flags in ten directions.Tejkumar Vinayaka, Manish Jain, Subhash Shah, Shailendra Jain, Mahendra Luhadiya, Prem Dagariya and others were present on this occasion.

  Ancient idols stolen from Jain temple Siddhanta Mandira recoverd


  Mangalore, (Karnataka), November 8, 2013: The rare precious Jain idols that were stolen from the  'Siddantha Darshan temple' of Moodabidiri have been recovered on November 5, 2013. His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji the pontiff of Moodabidri Jain Math has confirmed this.
  A well packed box weighing about 750 Grams containing the Jain idols that were stolen from the Siddantha Mandir were sent to the police commissioner office at Mangalore through speed post from Bhubaneshwar.
  The police commissioner's office invited Abhijith M. and Bhattarakha Swamiji of Moodabidri Jain Math to visit their office as they will be opening the box and they would like to have their presence during this process. With the video cameras the box was opened and the idols were taken out of the box.In the box recoverd a total of 12 idols, 7 of them made  of different precious stones, 5 idols made of spathika (natural crystal). Of the 5 spathika idols one of them is broken.
  Total Number of Idols Recovered - *Out of the 20 idols stolen 15 have been recovered (3 recovered earlier and 12 that were recovered at Mangalore) and 5 gold idols are yet to be recovered. It is significant to note that the biggest campaign ever for recovery of the stolen Jain idols was led by Mr.Gajendra Patni of Jaspu, Chattisgarh. He led repeated demonstrations and media campaign in Chattisgarh.
  His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji the pontiff of Moodabidri Jain Muth has said that the recovery of the Jain idols was possible because of the penance of Jain ascetics, Jain shravakas, Jain diginataries; blessings of Jain Acharyas - Acharya 108 Sri Vidyanandji Maharaj; Acharya 108 Sri Vardhamansagarji Maharaj; Acharya 108 Sri Vidhyasagarji Maharaj; his diksha guru His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukkeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji; efforts of Jain dignitaries like Dr.D.Veerendra Heggde and others.
  Amongst others he also**praised the efforts of the Mangalore Police Commissioner Manish Kharbhikar and his team. He has also thanked the support extended by the media (both print and electronic) in the case. His Holiness Swamiji has applauded the support extended by the team at WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM in publicising the news of the theft and bringing about the awareness on this among the Jains across the world.

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