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  Shri Ayodhya Jain Temples

  Location:  Ayodhya jain temples are in the katara locality of the Ayodhya city. The nearest railway station of Ayodhya is at a distance of two kilometers from the Svetambar temple and one and a half kilometers from the Digambar temple. 

  In Ayodhya city there are two Svetambar and two Digambar jain temples. A high idol of 885 cms of Bhagawan Adishvar in the Kayotsarga posture in established in one of the two Digambar temples. In Svetabar temple there is a 30 cms. high, copper - colored idol of Bhagawan Ajitnath in the Padmasana posture. Risbhdev was the first king of this place in the Aavasarpinikala. When Tirthankara Risbhdev developed Aversion to worldly life, he entrusted the responsibility of his kingdom to his eldest son Bharat and his other sons. He adopted diksa at this at this place. In Ayodhya, Kalynakasa of chayan births, diksa, and attainment of Omniscience of Tirthankara Ajitnath, Abhinandan Swami, Sumatinath, and Ananthanth were celebrated. .

Lord Adishvar Jain temple Ayodhya

 The main temple is situated at Raiganj area. In this main temple in a vast courtyard, main idol of Bhagwan Adinath, 37 feet high in standing posture is placed. There are other temples as Kamal Mandir, Chaubisi temple etc. are also worth seeing. Five Tonks of different Tirthankara are existing in hereby places. Theses Tonks are of  Bhagwan Anantnath Swami; Bhagwan Abhinandan Nath, Bhagwan Seetalnath, Bhagwan Ajitnath and Bhagwan Adinath at Ayodhya. This holy land is blessed with birth Kalayanakas of Bhagawan Adinath and other above mentioned Tirthnkaras. This is the birth place of Bhahubali, Brahmi, Sundari, King Dashrath, Acharya Padaliptasurisvarji, King Harishchandra, Shri Ramchandra, Achalbhrata, and the ninth Gandhara of Mahavir Swami and others.
  Ayodhya is an  ancient holy place of Lord Rama.  In ‘Vividh Tirth kalpa’ written by Acharya Jinaprabhusurisvarji there is mention that the city populated here on the banks of the rivers Ghaghari and Saryu, was called the gateway to heaven. 

 Jain temple Ayodhya 

Trust: Shri Jain Svetambar Pedhi, The Katra Locality, Ayodhya, Dist: Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.


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