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  Shree Digambar Jain Parasnath Mandir Belgachia, Kolkata
    Digambar Jain Parasnath Mandir Belgachia

Shree Digambar Jain Parasnath  Mandir is located  at Belgachia in Kolkata ,West Bengal. The magnificent  temple of Baghwan Paraswanath is situated in a beautiful garden at Belgachia in   the heart of Kolkata. It is a century old  temple and its building was renovated as per plan of Mr. Brown  the famous architect of Victoria Memorial in the year 1914.
The main idol  of Tirthankara Parswanath - the 23rd tirthankara (877-777 B.C.) was installed in the year 1914.This  artistic Nagar style temple, with ornamental pillars and sculptures  copied from the old jain temples  and caves, casting its shadow in the adjoining tank creates  a picturesque scenery.  The temple is surrounded  by  a beautiful  garden.  A unique  81 feet high  Mana Stambha  (Pillar)  with  sparking white marble is installed recently.
   The spectacular Rath-yatra of Baghwan Parasnath with  a colorful  procession of several Bajan mandalies and  jankhis arrives here on Kartik Purnima of each year.

   Rath-Yatra on Kartik Purnima
   Rath-Yatra on Kartik Purnima       Rath-Yatra on Kartik Purnima

   Rath-Yatra on Kartik Purnima

   Planning  a Jain art museum
   A Jain Museum of art, architecture and culture has been planned to be set up in the spacious hall of the Manasthambha, unique in structure and height located in the Sanctified sylvan premises of Sri Parashvanath Digambar Jain upavan mandir at 26 Belgachia Road, Kolkata 700037.

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