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  Gajpantha Jain Temple

Location:  Teerthraj Gajpantha is located at Mhasrul, 16 kms from Nashik Road Railway station and 5 kms from Nashik City. Gajpantha   is on the Nashik Gujarath road and has connected by rail. Taxi,  bus and other transport are easily available from Nashik city to the temple.
Teerthraj Gajpantha is situated on the top of a small hill which is  400 ft tall. The 435 staircase leads to the temple  are built in black stones. The surrounding of the hill offers a panoramic view. 
  Gajapantha Teerth includes a caravanserai, a small hut at the foot of the hill and a temple at the top of the Gajadhwaja Hillock. The famous CHAMBER CAVES are also at  this place. According to  the ancient holy book "Shantinath Purana" Mysoreís Chamaraj King installed  the statues of saints in the temple nearly in 600 B.C. Hence the caves got the name "Chamer Caves" or "Chambhar Caves".  

 Gajpantha Jain temple on the hill. It is situated on the top of a small hill which is  400 ft tall. The staircase, built in black stone leads to the temple.  

  Teerthraj Gajpantha is very auspicious for jains. It is believed that seven Balbhadra (saints) of Jain Sect known as Vijay,  Achal,  Sudharma , Suprabh,  Nandi, Nandimitra and Sudarshan got salvation here. They   took along with them eight crores of Yadav Kings to salvation from his place. In the temple there are Shweta Charan of Sudarshan, Nandi and Nandimitra Balabhadras. Further down there are Shweta Charan of Suprab, Sudharma, Gajkumar, Achal and Vijay Balbhadra.
  In Shantinath Charit there is a references
of  Gajdhwaj Hillock at this place which shows that Gajdhwaj  and Gajpanth are one and the same names of the small hillock. In the ancient literature  there is a reference  of the vicinity of Anjangiri  hillock  near Gajadhwaja. 
  A beautiful 194 inches tall statue in gray colour sculpture of Bhagwan Parshwanatha was found here during an excavation.  Seth Shobharam Bhagwandas from Pune helped in reinstallation of this statue. Near to this temple there are two cave temples.
  At the foot of the Gajadhwaja Hill, there is a beautiful garden and the Samadhi ( shrine) of Kshemendra Kirti. There is also a temple which has Mahaveer statues in four directions. The staircase to the Gajadhwaja Hillock goes from this temple. 
  There are two caves on a hill in Anjaneri area which is 16 kms.from Gajpantha. In one of the caves, the 3 feet high Padmasan  idols of Bhagwan Mallinath is engraved and 5 idols are engraved on the other. In the foothill temple the shell inscripation of 12th century had a five feet idol of a Tirthankara.  
 Other Places:  In the north of Mhasrul village there  is an old caravansary (Dharmashala)  surrounded by a fortification. There is a Jain Chaityalaya  a temple of 100 years old in its vicinity. This temple  houses a 25 inches tall statue of  Bhagwan Mahavira in Padmasana Mudra. In the  left side of  the statue of Bhagwan Mahavira there is Adinathís statue in Padmasana Mudra. Also there are 31 other statues, which include seven Balbhadras and one Gajkumar statue. In front of the temple is a big tower which carries four sculptures of Mahaveer Jain. Near by  in the premises there is a  Saraswati temple and  Mehta Dharmshala developed at the instance of Bhattarak Kshemendra Kirti.  
 Fair:  Every year on the 14th day of Magh an annual gathering is organised here to celebrate  Jalayatra and Gajaratha ceremonies.  


 Trust: Shree Garapantha Digambar Jain Siddhakshetra, 
           P.O. Mhasrul, Nashik 422004   


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