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Location:  Shri Digamber Jain Atishya Kshetra Nemgiri Samsthan, Jintur is situated in sub hills of Sahyadri Mountains  in Parabhani District 3 km away from Jintur, Maharsthra. The nearby cities are Parabhani 43 km, Aurangabad 160 km and Nandel 110 km This Kshetra is situated in sub hills of Sahyadri Mountains full of natural beauty There are two hills named Nemgiri and Chandragiri are famous  for their ancient artistic and miraculous Jain Caves, Temples and Chaityalayas.
Main Temple
 The main temple is located at Jintur village, in Parabhani district of Maharashtra. It has 7 caves and having Bhagwan. Adinath, Bhagwan. ShantiNath, Bhagwan. Neminath, Bhagwan. Parshvanath idols. Bhagwan. Neminath is probably highest Padmasana Status,about 6.5 feet. Bhagwan. Parshvanath Idol is about 6 ft and rested on a small 2 cm stone. 

  jain Tirthankara in Nemgiri Jain temple
  At Nemgiri Hill, in Cave No. 5 a very miraculous idol of Lord Antariksha Parsvanath is staying in the space 3 inches high from surface. The idol of Antariksha Parsvanath is  6.5 feet in height with nine serpent hoods over head. In the Cave No.4, a very beautiful idol of Lord Neminath  in cross legged seating posture is installed 7.5 feet in height.  
  Chandragiri Hill A Choubeesee carved on a flat rock is very artistic here, that includes great standing idols of Bhagwan Shantinath, Kunthunath and Arahnath  installed in V.S. 1665. 

  The  temples are very ancient and more than 2500 years old,  famous as Jainpur. It is said that the temples were constructed in the time of Emperor, Amogh Varsha of Rashtrakuts. Later these temples were destroyed by invaders. Now only two temples  are present.
  In the year 1609 A.D. these temples were reconstructed and developed by Shri Veer Sangavi.  It is said that Samavsharan of Lord Mahaveer visited this 
Atishya Kshetra. It is also said that the Last Shrut Kevali Acharya Bhadrabahu with his 12000 scholars came and installed  the famous idol of Lord Parsvanath, called Antariksha Parsvanath. According to archaeologists the idols of this Kshetra are nearly 1000 years old.   
  Other Temples
  In first cave of Nemgiri, a 3.5 feet in height idol of Lord Mahaveer in cross legged seating posture is installed,   This idol  was installed in V.S. 1676.  
  In second cave there is an ancient idol of Lord Adinath in state of meditation and  penance.
  In third cave there is a 6 feet high attractive idol of Lord Shantinath, in cross legged seating posture.  
  In sixth cave there is an ancient idol in standing posture with four heads in four directions. 
In seventh cave there is  very artistic standing 5.5 feet high idol of Lord Bahubali
. There are 2 old temples in Jintur city. Ancient idols of the temples ruined by invaders are placed here. In one temple there is an idol of goddess Padmawati with four arms decorated with ornaments.  A standing idol of Lord Parsvanath 3 feet 10 inches in height is also placed here, that was installed in Shaka Samvat 1514.

  Annual Fair
Every year on Bhadraprada Krishna 5, devotees from ever part of India assembles here for  worships the Tirthankaras
In Shri Dig. Jain Nemgiri Samsthan facilities are available to stay and also for food: 
Shri Digamber Jain Atishya Kshetra Nemgiri Samsthan, Jintur
Place & Post Jintur, Taluka Jintur, Dist. Parabhani (Maharashtra), Pin 431509 
Phone 02457 220113 
Management committee
Shri Digamber Jain Atishya Kshetra Nemgiri Samsthan, Jintur Trust 
Place & Post Jintur, Taluka Jintur, Dist. Parabhani (Maharashtra) Pin 431509 
Phone 02457 220490 

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