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Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Rajgir



 Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Rajgir is 15 kilometers from Nalanda and about 97 kilometer from Patna. The Rajgir is about about 50 kilometers from Gaya and  300 kilometers away from Samed Shikhar ji.

  Rajgir is a very ancient and holy jain pilgrimage known for the complex of jain temples and monasteries. It is  located in a beautiful valley covered with lush green forest.

  Rajgir is a very ancient city was known as  Rajagraha during the region of King Bimisara and the capital of ancient Magadha.


 According to the Jaina tradition recorded in Jinaprabhasuriji's Vividhatirtha kalpa, Rajagrha was not the first but the last name by which the capital of Magadha came to be known. Of the four earlier names,  Kusagpura name was mentioned in Si - yu-ki of Hiuen Tsiang and the Manjusri- mulakalpa.

  During the reign of Bimbisara and Ajatsatru the city of Rajagraha was at the height of prosperity. The jaina texts (Jaina Sutras) describe Rajagraha a city of which was rich,  happy and thriving.  At the time of Hiuen Tisang's visit in the 7th century A.D. 'the only inhabitants of the city were 1000 Brahmins families and many Digambars lodged on the pi-pu-to mountain who practised austerities incesantly.

          Rajgir Jain temple    

 If one enters Rajgir from the north, the hill which lies in the right is Vaibharagiri, that which lies to the left is Vipulagiri, the one which stands at right angles to the Vipula and  runs southwards parallel to the Vaibhara is Ratanagiri. The eastren extension of Ratanagiri is Chhathagiri and next to it is sailagiri. The one opposite to the Chhathagiri is Udayagiri. The Udayagiri in its turn forms the southern entrance of Rajir with the Sonagiri.

  The Rajagrha and its neighborhood have a great importance in the history of Jainism. For it was in Nalanda, a suburb of Rajagraha, that Lord Mahavira spent the second year of his asceticism. The Kalpa-Sutra informs us that in Rajagrha and Nalanda Mahavira spent  as many as fourteen rainy seasons , Rajagriha was also known as the birth-place of 20th Tirthankara Munisuvarta. Eleven one of the the twelve ganadharas or leading disciples of Mahavira attain nirvana in Rajagrha.

  The earliest known jaina inscription in the one the pedestal of the Jaina-image recording the name of Mt.Vipula and king Srenika in a Brahmi alphabets which may take us back to the Kushna age. The Jaina built small temples on almost all the hills of Rajgir, installing the images of Tirthankara in them and those still exists.

   Place of Buddism

  Rajgir has been associated with Lord Buddha and Buddhism. Buddha not only spent many years in Rajgir but also delivered sermons here and proselytized emperor Bimbisar at the Griddhakoota hill. The Jivekarmavan monastery was the favorite residence for Buddha. Even Bimbisar gave Venuvan Vihar to Buddha for his residence. The Vishwa Shanti Stup is located on a 400-meter high hill. 


  Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Rajgir,
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 Dharamshala: - Provision for staying 1000 persons exists


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