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 Shri Rishabh Dev Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra known as Kesariyaji  is situated in the village Dhulev 40 km from Udaipur (Rajasthan). This
Jain Atishaya Kshetra is situated at the bank of river Koyal (Kumarika) and  surrounded by the hills of Arawali Mountain Range. The town of Rikhabdev is also known as Dhulev as the Bhil Dhula had once protected the idol and worshipped it at this place.
Shri Rishabhdeo temple is is an ancient temple and one of the four main pilgrimages of the Jains. Rikhabdeo temple is a centre of devotion not only for Jains, but for Meena tribals, Bhils and Vaishnavites and other casts. Bhagwan Rishabh Dev is also referred as Keshariyaji, since pilgrims offer immense quantity of saffron to the lord during puja..

               Rishabh Dev jain temple
                The main temple of Bhagwan Rishabh Dev or Kesariyaji

 Main temple
 In the main temple black color idol of Bhagwan Rishabh Dev (Adinath) is installed  Due to the tradition of worship of the idol by saffron (Kesar)it is famous by Baghwan kesariyaji. In local and tribal public the idol is famous as Kalia Baba due to its black color. 
  In the temple, the idol of Lord Rishabh Dev is 3.5 feet tall is carved out of a single piece of black stone. Lord Rishabh Dev idol is in sitting 'padmasana posture and his long hair touches the shoulders. On the platform where the idol is seated, two oxen are carved in the middle. These oxen also represent the 16 dreams of Tirthankar's mother.  Besides the main idol, there are 23 other idols and out of them, 2 are standing and 21 are in a sitting position. All these idols are made up of Ashtadhatu and encircle the idol of Lord Rishabhdeo. Outside of 52 temples on each pillar Digambar idol are carved and in the back of pinnacles there also exist so many idols carved.
  Just before the courtyard and in front of the main temple there is an idol of Marudevi Mata, the mother of Bhagwan Rishabh Dev, seated on a marble elephant. There are two elephants that are carved out of black stone in the entrance of the temple. In the north, there is the image Goddess Chakreshvari adorns the site and in the south is the image of goddess Padmavati. 

 Idol of Rishabh Dev
Bhagwan Rishabh Dev

 It is said that the artistic idol of Bhagwan Rishabh Dev was brought at
Rishabhdeo temple Dhulev  from a village Khoonadary. According to the ruins found there it shows that in ancient time Khoonadary was a prosperous city. In Mughal period due to attacks on Khoonadary and killing of cows,  the devotees shifted the idol at safer place. It is said that this idol was reverenced by Acharya Vidyanand in 8th – 9th century. According to some  ancient petrographs found here,  this Kshetra was renovated time to time.
  In an ancient petrograph belongs to V. S. 1431, the temple was reconstructed by ‘Poonja’ and ‘Kota’  sons of Shah Harda  being impressed by the precepts of Bhattarak Dharm Kirti. In a Second petrograph belongs to V. S. 1572, impressed by the preaches of Bhattarak Yash Kirti, a Mandapa & Nav Chauki was constructed in village Dhulev. In a Third petrograph  belongs to V. S. 1753 during the period of Bhattarak Surendra Kirti, a temple of Bhagwan Rishabh Dev was constructed and reverenced by the family of ‘Bhojasa’ – the son of Sanghavi Aalha and a Dev Kulika  The Fourth petrograph belongs to V. S. 1863, is fixed in northern wall of rampart of the temple. According  to this fourth petrograph the  fort was constructed and reverenced by Vaje Chand of Sagwora.at the time of Bhattarak Yash Kirti. 
 Pagliyaji Palace 
 Nearly  2km from
Bhagwan Rishabh Dev temple there is a place known as Pagliyaji, where the footprints of Lord Rikhabdev are placed in a cenotaph and worshipped. The annual procession in the month of Chaitra 
(this year on March 8, 2010) on the birthday of the
Bhagwan Rishabh Dev proceeds from the temple to Pagliyaji where Puja is performrd.
Annual fair
 Every tear a big fair is held  in the month of Chaitra Krishna 8 & 9 ( this year March 8, 2010) on the birthday of
Bhagwan Rishabh Dev arranged by Devsthan. Large number of devotees from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra and other states assembles here to offer Kesar (saffron) to Rishabh Dev also known as Kesariyaji. It is said that the deity of Kesariyaji fulfills all the wishes and desires of  his worshippers
Shri Rishabh Dev Digambar Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra 
Place & Post - Rishabh Dev, Taluka – Khairwara, District – 
Udaipur (Raj.) Pin–313802 
Managing Committee  
Shri Rishabh Dev Digambar Jain Teerth Raksha Committee 
Place & Post - Rishabh Dev, Taluka – Khairwara, 
District–Udaipur (Raj.) Pin – 313802  Phone 029072-230252    
 Bhattaraka Yash Kirti Dharmarth Trust- 15 Normal Rooms, 10 Deluxe Rooms. Mess Facility is also available. 
 K. P. Dharmashala - 20 Normal Rooms, 60 Semi-Deluxe Rooms, 40 Deluxe Rooms, 8 AC Rooms. Mess Facility is also available.  
 Temple Dharmashala- 85 Normal Rooms, 100 Semi-Deluxe Rooms,20 Deluxe Rooms.Items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.
 Road: - Busses and taxies are available from Udaipur to Rishabh Dev. 
 Train: - Rishabh Dev Road Railway Station at a distance of 12 km from Udaipur – Ahmedabad Line. 
 Airport: - Udaipur 
Trust:  Adhikarishri, Bhandar Dhulevshri Risabhdev Mandir, Devasthan Vibhag, 


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