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Atishya Tijaraji Tirth



 Tijaraji tirth

        Tizaraji Tirth

  Atishya Tijaraji Tirth is a prominent Sidha Ksetra Jaina Tirtha is situated  on  Delhi-Jaipur National Highway, 90 km from the western part of new Delhi.

  Flowing down the east-facing slope of a solitary hillock, deep in the central Indian countryside, 84 gleaming white shrines mark the spot where the legendary King Nanganang Kumar, together with five-and-a-half crore of his followers, achieved liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

 Today the site, sacred to Digambar ("Sky-clad") Jains, makes an atmospheric pause for a couple of hours en route to one of the nearby cities.

  The main temple

   Tizaraji main temple

Crowning the summit of Tijaraji , the main temple houses a colossal tirthankara icon, while below it, a ceramic scale model of Mount Meru, the axial mountain said by Jains to support the cosmos, looks out over the cascade of whitewashed spires and fluttering yellow pennants to the distant plains.

 Old Digambar monks conduct religious discussions with pilgrims in the courtyard, their distinctive yellow wooden water pots (dariyes) and peacock-feather whisks beside them. For most of the year, these ascetics wander naked around the country, returning to monasteries for a few months to give and receive teachings. More secular Jains notch up credits on the cosmic balance sheet by making gifts to religious establishments instead - as evidenced by the dozens of donators plaques set in the marble walkway leading up the hill.


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